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1-2-3 Smile

22nd April. 3 days into the marital zone.

It’s time to attend the reception. Mom had been running around for the last 5 months getting this organized. From the color scheme to the flowers, from the band to the menu – everything carried her trademark stamp of style!

With Mom-Dad!!

Sups looked gorgeous as I went to escort her from the parlor. She’d worn a pinkish lehenga with diamond jewelry – ooh she was a stunner (she still is – 9 days into the marriage).

mOM AND us!

We arrived at the venue with a grand fanfare by the band. Since we were the hosts, it came to pass that only mom and dad were there prior to us. Gautam, Tina, Vishal and Johnny were also there – well – they’re family… so no formality on that front.

We sat atop a stage – two throne like seats placed side by side. She had a glass of coca cola and me with some single malt – to get us thru this nite of smiling. Her heavy lehenga and jewelry of course prevented her from bending forward and doing the 1-2-3 bend routine.

(L-R)Arpita,Asha, Abhishek, Aditya, Anish, Arjun, Vishal, Rahul, Sups, Amrita, Ayesha,Kasturi, Alakshita,Johnny

Then the guests & the rest of the family arrived. And they kept arriving. It was like being a railway platform – where all the trains came – gave up a few passengers and moved on. I dunno if that’d be the perfect analogy – but it’ll definitely be close.

The photographer couldn’t get enough of us, even when we finally decided to sit down for a few morsels. He had a story to tell – I guess. My Blondie mama kept me supplied with the single malts as one of Sups uncles whisked her away from my side. He did take my permission though.

It was heartening to see the folks who’d traveled far and wide to grace us and bless us on this, our special moment in time. Friend, family, family friends, their friends too…

Sups’ Mesho offered to get her a set of towels too…. New brides need those he said.
Helps to keep the eyes clear and prevent floods, he said.

We got home a lil after midnight. We were tired and exhausted – all of us. It’d be an early morning departure for us for Goa. So the guys came home, came together one last time.

That's GT, Vishal & JOhn giving their last hurrraahhh for the nite!

I know it’ll be a while till we meet again – but I’m not alone. Never will be alone now. Sups is here!
Gautam & Tina with Bua
The coursemates from NDA gather together

With Aman, Vani & Anku - we're too pooped to get up!

With my Bua and family!

With My Bua, Bhabhis and lil neices

The band strikes a fanfare!


Hey Mr. Arjun... Nice pics and congratulations.... Finally you are arrested for life.....

Thanks Denzil devil!!

u guys are looking dashing mate!!!

great pictures!!!
You guys look so good!!!

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