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The unknown stranger

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It's a stupid statement. I know that.
But it seemed tacky at the time.

So i'm doing this series on strangers and their antics and thoughts. It's like i'm juxtaposing myself in their shoes and running with it. This should definitely help in building my empathy quotient. Lol.

I'll start with the pretty lady sitting across from me. We're in a minibus enroute to the delhi border. She's married-sindoor is there. She's fair colored and pretty in a twinkling kinda way. She's looking at the conductor and is dressed fusion - jeans and purple kurta.
Over to her.
Thought- why is this conductor fella acting so weird? No useful work for him to do i guess. I don't like the way he was looking. Can't he see i'm married. He is attractive though, in a rustic kind of way. Hmmm he doesn't look married. Who'd marry him? Well- i guess some woman would, god knows there are enough of them.
Oh- i hope i turned of the gas. I think i did. Hmmm. Maybe he'll turn it off when he gets up. What if Timmy (that's her hubby) lights up before that. Oh god no. Nothing should happen to him. I love him.

She tries the phone and gets a busy tone.
Thought- he must be talking to his mom and cooking up new ideas. Talk about cooking- let the ars**ole fry.
He always said that he didn't want dowry. Then why does he keep pestering me for money all the time. I'd like to catch that witch just this once and twist her head a bit. How dare she try to control Timmy. Then he starts going ma this and ma that.
Pushes at the guy standing too close nudging her with his groins. Gives him a dirty look too.
Men only want one thing.
Gives a dirty look to all males- me included.

The conductor announces- sikandarpur is here. Lady gets off.

End of transmission.... phew.. that was kinda like a close shave!!!

"...nudging her with his groins."?
How many does one man have anyway?!

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