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The Question

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As I once heard - It's the question that drives us all....
What is THAT question?

Answers anyone.....

Why me????

Hi Arjun,
Did u get any news from long lost friend, Raghav Ramdev. Well well, the world is indeed a small one. I am Gaurav Ramdev, the younger brother of this very same person that you talk about in one of your blogs..
Raghav is in delhi these days, Happily married, working for a Private Equity Major...

Incase you need more info, please do let me know at

Thanks and Godspeed.

What do you get when you multiply 6 by 9?

i've would say 54... at least conventionally.....

but if i were to look at it in another direction - moe like based on design - it's like the yin & the yang.... they multiply to produce .... us!!!

Why do you wanna know?

BTW, here an insight....Answers lie where you stop askin questions.
What say? (Anther one :)

The question is:

Why not?

Another Question:

"Mera Number Kab Aayega"

ooh another one! where shall we have lunch?

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