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The lil scooter girl!

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I'm squashed into the rear end of a Qualis, travelling from Gurgain to Delhi. A traffic jam is in the making and I'm very much a part of it.

SO I look around.

There's a lil one travelling in the company of her folks. They're a family of 4 - on a scooter and she's in front - standing it out! Head is covered and frilly frock is on. It's still a lil chilly dilli morning.

ooooohhhh - whatttt a a wooonnndderrfffuulll daayyyy... NO SCHOOL.
I'm going to have a lot of fun with my cousins... dat's where we're headed!!
I want to sing (actually started singing)
(traffic moves suddenly - father is jolted out of inertia)

Dad - drive carefully!! (looks up at him)
Can't you see i'm standing here in the cold - while you sit comfortably!!
At least I'm not sandwiched like my brother between you and ma. Yes - i like the fresh air!

Whay can't we buy a car? Look at all those big cars... the people seem to be so comfortable.
I also want that new frock and colorful cap that girl is wearing.... it's so nice!!!

(Traffic starts again - this time it moves for a bit and stops
The music in my vehicle gets louder - disturbs the train of thought.)


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