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This one is for the Human being in me.

Yes – I am dissatisfied with the way I am living my life today. I’m sure I could do better. There are times I let things go by – things that shouldn’t.

I believe in love. I believe in living life by the principles of love and righteousness. So when I see something going wrong in front of my eyes – why am I helpless to the change? A part of me argues that it’s not about me. People have to chart their own destinies – even if they’re not in conformance with my beliefs.

Today – a friend and his beloved – they broke up.
Ok – they broke up a few days back and I came to know of it today. It hurt me so much. I can’t even begin to express the way I feel about it technically – I’m just a side function who’s not supposed to be affected.

Then why do I cry as I talk to her…….?
Why do the pearls flow from mine eyes …… as I converse with him…..?
I know him closely and her for the one time that we met (briefly – that too). I do not stand to debate the decision they have taken…. But somewhere it hurts.

Godamn it – emotional idiot that I am.

So I’m human…

I always knew that you were an emotional idiot and am glad about this fact!

I am touched after reading it :-)

Thanks ash.........

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