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The God of Small things

This is not about the book. It’s just a title that seemed apt.

We frequently ignore the smaller the “SMALL” things that make our life worth the effort. Someone forwarded me a message the other day – it was a normal SMS joke. Something I’d feel inclined to delete after reading. I did.

But the event was not lost on me.
Somewhere a friend took a minute (actually less than 20 secs) to send me a message. He/She was thinking of me. I entered the thought process and an SMS was sent. It’s the thought of being thought about that set me thinking.

People say we live in a very fast moving world today – what with all the internet, email, mobile telephony – we forget the smaller pleasures. I differ – and I don’t beg to do so.
In fact – I think our communication has improved – keeping in mind the speed with which everything else is changing.

I remember a few friends each day. I send them a GOOD MORNING sms. I know for a fact that that is appreciated at their end. They tell me so. Our communication remains intact.

Yes – I don’t write SNAIL MAIL letters any more. Why should I? It’s just not cost effective and also more time consuming. I want to COMMUNICATE MORE in the same time.

So please forgive me if I don’t spend hours writing a letter or move from one relative’s house to another on a Sunday – the one day I get an off.

It’s not like my feelings have diminished or that I care a damn about the world at large ( sometimes I do). This is COMMUNICATION 101 – applicable in the world we live in…
I love SMSes… so please keep sending them across.,…. Thank you lord for the smaller pleasures you’ve afforded me.

Yes, Arjun, I do treasure your Good MOrning messages. I wait every morning eagerly for them and you know that well...after it is the wonders of modern communication that brought us together and kept us together ;-)

And the days you forget to send it...I call you a forgetful character n give you gaalis ;-)

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