Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


It's a new term - it just came to mind....

Can mean a ton of things!!!
critical depression
crippling depression
but it's most likely to mean - cricket depression!!

it's 2:12 am on a saturday morning, i have a symposium at 9am ..
but i'm glued to the idiot box (apt name for someone like me). I'm watching the team slide to the depths of mediocrity. Oooohh this hurts. Trust me - when you follow cricket the way i do.. i mean it really really hurts.....

There is one bright thing to the whole outcome - i won't be disturbing my honeymoon watching the critical world cup games...

I'm not going to be watching cricket for a while.. this is really the pits!!!

True - no point wastin time when India only is not playin. The only bright spot of all this is that Pakistan has also crashed out w/o makin it to the Super 8

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