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8th March again

It’s a day when you celebrate womanhood internationally. It’s a day to stand up and feel proud of being a member of the fairer gender.

Well – I respect women as equals. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a particular day to celebrate “being” a woman. Everyday is a reason to celebrate – for all of us – for being alive and being able to chart our destiny.

I’ve always been partial to the fairer gender, whether at work, at play, at home or in the bus. My dad said – be chivalrous. He taught me so, and I learned. When I say partial I d do not mean it in an unequal sort of way – it’s just the way I think about certain things. For instance – I would offer my seat to an older lady vis-à-vis an older man, or I’d keep the door open for a lady (age no bar), rather than I would for a male member of the species.

I must admit in all fairness, I am where I am today – because of the women in my life. Some from the beginning, some who came and went (teaching me some useful stuff) and the one woman – whom I shall share my life with.
As Willy boy once said – the entire world’s a stage & the men and women merely players – each playing out his or her part. So also the women who’ve helped shape me, push me, cajole me, love me, curse me… and guide me to what I am today.

Some names in no particular order– MOM, Tina, Supriya, Anila bua, Shoma, Shilpa, Niharika, Surabhi, Paulette, Anu, Soumya, Madhuri, Sudeshna, Puja, Ranjini, Sarbani, Mohua, Neela, Vrinda, Rita, Gayatri, Alifyaha, Lata, Elizabeth, Mayura, Jigisha, Preeti, Sudha, Anjali, Priya, Anku, Menka, Reshma, Aparna, Rasika, Shweta, Jacqueline, Manu, Anjali, Gunjan, Mridul, Tina (again), Jolein, Aditi, Amandeep, Asha, Prachi, Rashmi, Roop, Vandana, Shivali, Rinku, Shivy, Tulika, Poornima, Renu, Parul, Priyanka, Ruby, Deblina, Tanvi, Arpita, Adrija, Buli, Sam, Rebecca, Deepika, Binita, Kavita, Dhanshree, Anita, Taruna, Ayesha, Shruti, Vani, Richa, Sarika, Niyati, Kim, Baishali, Piyal, Paulomi, Divya, Rujuta, Lydia…...

Thank you all, so very much.
Oh and a very happy woman’s day to all of you, all year round!!!

To start with, you're another man who can stand being a little educated about the cause of Womens Day. Please read Wikipedia

But more important, its nice to see men who understand that real equality is when men and women understand that the reason we're so different (and yet mainly heterosexual) is because we need each other.

Arjun...u sure u havent missed out on any name [;-)]?


Hey Bud...Gotta say I'm really touched to see my name up there...however, I really wonder how I may have 'touched' you..actually on the other hand I totally understand what a big influence I must have on the people around

Thank you for your thoughtful comments

Hey Arjun, thanks so much :-) So sweet of you to include me in your list of amazing, superb, intelligent, gorgeous, and fabulous women! ;-) heheh!!

You've certainly won yourself a whole bunch of brownie points on this post! ;-)

I agree with you on "celebrating each day" and not just one day. Infact, there should not be a special day to celebrate the womanhood..par ab kisi ne bana diya hai tou hum mana bi lete hain.
Anyways, thanks for putting me in the list but I still dont know which one did I do from the list (helped shape me, push me, cajole me, love me, curse me… and guide me )

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