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Trying to understand

Sometimes I have agonized over a question such as "why can't he/she understand how I feel?"
Maybe I've had an argument with him/her, and found that the more I talk, the more frustrated I get.

Or I thought I had explained something clearly to them, only to find out they later made a choice that left me thinking "I'd have been better off talking to the wall!"

At such times, it may help me to look closely at whether I was really looking for their understanding, or obedience?
If I'm lecturing my partner about how right my viewpoint is, for example, I give them the clear message that their viewpoint is "wrong", or "mistaken".

Have I really listened carefully and thoughtfully to their point of view?
Unless I truly have, it's hypocritical of me to expect them to listen to mine any better.

If I played back my words, I might find that I'm not only expecting them to agree with my point of view, but also make choices I want because of it.
Maybe in their mind, he or she may be thinking "once I understand you, it means I have to do what you want".

No wonder they don't want to understand!

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