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The onset of tomorrow

They say everyday is a new day. I differ… and I don’t beg to do it.
It’s a re-hash of the same things that you’ve already gone through. Maybe the sequence has gotten altered along the way – but that’s about it.

We experience a set of re-sequenced occurrences each day and believe that we’ve had a whole new set of experiences. Yes – our emotions and feelings fail to recognize the connect.

I was wondering which one of the two made a better sequence to lead my life.
Say something emotional and get her all worked up
Don’t say anything, get her worked up & then say something emotional.
It goes without saying that she’d be worked up anyhow – that’s human(female) nature.

In the first case, she’d say I only thought about myself, was being selfish, inhuman, crude and behaving like a member of the male species from the Neolithic era.
I lose.

In the latter case, she’d take some time believing me, cos she’d feel that I was responsible for riling her up like that anyways. Then when she’d soften up and melt down a bit, my emotional self would be expected to continue like that for a long time.
Holy crap – I lose again!!!

So tell me – why would I look forward to the new day?

is this supposed to eb some kind of msg

nope - not a spl message - just a chain of thoughts

was about to comment something else, but realized yeh ghar ka maamla hai :P

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