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The onset of tomorrow

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
They say everyday is a new day. I differ… and I don’t beg to do it.
It’s a re-hash of the same things that you’ve already gone through. Maybe the sequence has gotten altered along the way – but that’s about it.

We experience a set of re-sequenced occurrences each day and believe that we’ve had a whole new set of experiences. Yes – our emotions and feelings fail to recognize the connect.

I was wondering which one of the two made a better sequence to lead my life.
Say something emotional and get her all worked up
Don’t say anything, get her worked up & then say something emotional.
It goes without saying that she’d be worked up anyhow – that’s human(female) nature.

In the first case, she’d say I only thought about myself, was being selfish, inhuman, crude and behaving like a member of the male species from the Neolithic era.
I lose.

In the latter case, she’d take some time believing me, cos she’d feel that I was responsible for riling her up like that anyways. Then when she’d soften up and melt down a bit, my emotional self would be expected to continue like that for a long time.
Holy crap – I lose again!!!

So tell me – why would I look forward to the new day?
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Trying to understand

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Sometimes I have agonized over a question such as "why can't he/she understand how I feel?"
Maybe I've had an argument with him/her, and found that the more I talk, the more frustrated I get.

Or I thought I had explained something clearly to them, only to find out they later made a choice that left me thinking "I'd have been better off talking to the wall!"

At such times, it may help me to look closely at whether I was really looking for their understanding, or obedience?
If I'm lecturing my partner about how right my viewpoint is, for example, I give them the clear message that their viewpoint is "wrong", or "mistaken".

Have I really listened carefully and thoughtfully to their point of view?
Unless I truly have, it's hypocritical of me to expect them to listen to mine any better.

If I played back my words, I might find that I'm not only expecting them to agree with my point of view, but also make choices I want because of it.
Maybe in their mind, he or she may be thinking "once I understand you, it means I have to do what you want".

No wonder they don't want to understand!
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Barren Earth

Thursday, February 08, 2007
The truth about Afghanistan. A facet that is difficult to imagine, when you read a book. Yet the film comes close – that’s KABUL EXPRESS for you.

I missed the film in the cinema – so I caught it on vcd. It evokes emotions – strong and light. The horrifying imagery of war mixes with the lightness that accompanies life. It all blends in, and the acting is good too. I didn’t really think an Indian director could come up with such an offbeat topic and make a good show of it. Kabir Khan does well.

John Abraham gives a fresh performance & Arshad is his usual comfortable self – fitting into the role of the sidekick cameraman. I think the best portrayal is that of the Taliban by Salman Shahid. He’s darn effective – the quintessential soldier following his orders, not really believing in the war or its vagaries. He only wants to live.
How difficult is that?

Very – I would say.
Especially, if you’re a Taliban in Post 9/11 Afghanistan.

I had the good fortune of reading “The Afghan” before I saw the film. It added another dimension to understanding the film. This is the story of 5 individuals from different worlds coming together as the threads of fate intertwine. The initial relationship I the predictable one – hate & fear. Human emotions experience metamorphosis over time as survival is linked to sharing the burden of life.

It forces me to question myself. Would I be able to do that - protect a man – knowing the man in front of me is a Taliban and a Pakistani. I don’t know the answer – no matter how hard I force the mind to think. I guess these answers are only available in real-time, unplanned like life.

It also questions the role of the media in our lives. Are they good – only for the sensationalist stuff – or can they actually make a difference. Do they want to make a positive difference?

Questions.. questions .. so many , as yet unanswered…
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