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Hard hitting reality

That’s the grim truth portrayed in BloodDiamond.

Yes – it is an action flick.
Yes – it is a roller coaster ride that doesn’t stop till the end credits.
Yes – it’s the truth of Sierra Leone and its people.

It is also the story of Africa – all the riches and the accompanying poverty. This was not created by god. He made a beautiful land… it was human greed that transmogrified it.

So there’s Solomon – a fisherman, separated from his family, working in the diamond mines, when he stumbles on a large “pink” – pure 100 carat. A blood diamond – that’s what it is – raising money in the strife torn country to buy more strife and death.

Twists of fate ensue as he goes from situation to circumstance to a sense of tragedy. He bumps into our man Leonardo, a “Rhodesian” soldier of fortune familiar with the diamond smuggling trade.

Lotsa reels later – good has happened. The white man has reformed (posthumously) and the colored man is united with his long lost kith and kin. And he’s rich too. There’s a heart…

Guru - A common man, an uncommon life!

Go see it for yourself…I saw it sitting in the front row.It may be based on the life of Mr.Ambani, but the trio – Mani, Abhishek & Aishwarya – give life a new dimension.He is a man on a mission – with a definite sense of purpose. His mantra is profit.It’s a performance his father could not deliver in his heydays. There is strength in the performances of all the characters, be it Mithunda, Madhavan, Vidya, Ash or the “not so small” B. It’s not a light hearted film – though there are a few moments of that. It’s imperative to view it from the Biographical perspective. Then the understanding settles in and the pathos is not lost. There are serious emotions at play here. Tread carefully. The story follows the same trail that the business baron traveled in real life… with a few minor cosmetic alterations. A lot has been written about the big man. Some – will now be written about the film. The music is good – I’m still humming “jaage hain” with a serious intonation.There are a couple of …

Insensitivity - an Art!

It was not easy being me!It’s taken 29 years + 3months to get this far. I’m speaking only for myself, here. I never try to be insensitive. It comes so naturally to me. I can hurt those close to me without even trying. It has to be an art form to be able to be practiced so effortlessly!!… and I’m only getting better at it….It’s true – I am also quite selfish. I only think about myself. If making someone happy, makes me happy – then I go ahead and do what I do. I never go out of my way to hurt people – it just sort of happens. There are so many threads inter-twined in this whole wheel of my life – I tie some knots as others unravel.I don’t have a solution. I don’t want a solution. It’s not even a problem.It’s just me – as I am!!