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It's like the title says...

shopping time....

So much of choice!!!
One poor damsel - in distress - cos' nothing seems right
The poorer "Knight in not-so-shining armour" waiting .... yeh trial room ka darwaaza kab khulega??? Posted by Picasa
10 comments: can u sit around calmly when there are so many clothes to explore....i feel like shopping just by looking at the pics. You dont understand the sense of satisfaction women get after shopping...its inexplicable:):):)

Absolutely! I completely agree with Tina....:)

Understandably... 2 ladies have posted their comments...How dare you have that disgusted look on your face Arjun??! Shopping is bliss....

the ladies' emotions i understand....
but NEO - you traitor!!!!
that' just not fair!!

I am with you bro -

Something I could never understand - You like something, you pick - After taht, even with no intention of shopping - Why do the girls still hangout and check every thing on the shelf, err,, err.. pull down the whole shop...

then return to what they picked, and leave it saying....uh...yu know...after looking at this that that.... this should have a pixel of a colur better....
then if that surpasses - they are just so tired - hmm..mood nahin hain....will buy when I can make up my mind (hehehehhe hahahah)..

Go ahead women - Kill, send hate mail... but you dont know how much a guy suffers

Arjun - Good Getting Married :P


Hello, did i complain when u took ur time at the play station(s)or when u wnted to check out and compare printers...this is sooooo unfair.unfair malignation towrds my gender

So much to choose from...and so little time. How can you just sit around and do nothing?!
Dude, this is blasphemy! :-D

Least you could do is get a pic of every outfit she tried on. Wasted man! Totally wasted! :-D

Good to see you smiling though...beneath all the so called "tortures" :-D

I totally agree with Jo ;-) simple quesion...which place is colorful...maybe one could give a try :)....U shopping is infectious....

well... this event .. it occurred at a place called "GOOD THINGS" (how ironic) at the MGF mall in Gurgaon.. early Sunday evening!!

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