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The long journey

Life is a long journey.
It starts in the mind (someone else’s) and moves on to the beginning. It is a lonely road for most of the part. There are bits in the middle where fellow travelers give us company.

They come like gusts of wind.
We – like the leaves on a tree. The wind blows us in many directions. Control is not the word that comes to mind at that point of time. The gust is too strong for that.

Then suddenly it’s gone.

The leaf – that we are, falls to the ground. No longer do we have the support of our tree-brother. He watches us from afar and we wait till the next gust of wind blows us closer.
Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.
2 minutes of fleeting fame... then darkness again. Alternate cycles like day and night. That’s the wild life!!

There is an alternative. You can choose to be a potted plant. You receive nourishment and care. You are firmly attached to your roots. The elements and their gusts are not your headache. No alternate cycles here – just keep the lights on for as long as you want. There may be a drought out there – but you shall receive your share of water. You shall grow till where the pot can hold you. They will prune you to size and your offspring will come up in adjacent pots. That’s the ideal life of a married man.

I’ve lived on the wild side. It’s time to come home to the potted plant.

There is something out there – some risk – some challenge – that still beckons.
Maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline that’s still not died down. Maybe it’s that lil flame that’s keeping me going.

It’s time for me to experience POTTING.
Maybe it’s not as boring as most people say.

I shall hold her hand and we will catch sunsets.
I shall enjoy watching the kids at play.
We will graciously age together.

Then one day – this traveler will reach his destination.

Sadda sukkhi raho..."phoolo-phaloh" :-D

actually.. that was the term that started me thinking.....

jo - do you remember the plant you gave me ?
It's still growing well!!

Ah! Thank God that plant's still alive! :-)
I remember the last time I saw it on your blog, it was surrounded by wintry mist and... some one who was trying to protect his bald pate with a monkey cap :-))
How is it in Delhi now?

Wow....i hope 2 c u happy and joyous all through this journey of life:)

Bherry profound...
Arjuna - where are you these days... no mail nothing... even the blog is not updated...hope all is well.
BTW - I have updated my blog, thanks for the follow ups!

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