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Awaiting Destiny

This was written last friday.. before Supriya came to town....It turned out just right!!

It’s an early Friday evening…. Barely past 9 on the night clock.
I’m home – sipping my breezer spiked with some rum.
The folks are downstairs – busy with their daily activities.
Dad watches the news as mom serves dinner. Tina is busy clearing her plate, waiting to go back to her place.
There is an air of restlessness…. somewhere….

We re all waiting!!!

Supriya is coming tomorrow…
I’d love to say that only I was awaiting her arrival. But things have changed. We are now a larger family – 3 members more… 1 in a more direct manner of speaking. Ma and Pa are still in Kolkata. I’ll see them at Christmas. 3 weeks to go for that one.

For now – we await Supriya – my destiny… our destiny.

She doesn’t have a clue how she’s changed my life. I am no good at expressing it to her. 28 years of obsession with oneself is melting away – one second at a time. Some call it maturity. I call it the “S” effect!!

I think of not one – but two people in every action I perform. I’m even more careful crossing the road now. There are traces of that “singledom” which are not easy to get rid of…..but I’m getting there.

The whole family is now upstairs… they’re in the dancing mood.. as dad watches on and mom-Tina throw a hip….!! Yeah – Saturday night should be rocking.. she’ll be here…….and we’ve got 2 weeks of catching up to do

its nice to see love grow the way it seems to have with you and sup. best of luck to both of you

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