Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Sh** on the face

That's what some of us really deserve.
We erect big statues - out in the open - to honor those that have led us...

  • These big erections are exposed to the vagaries of nature - we're ok with that.
  • Birds come and perform excretions on the heads of our "ESTEEMED" leaders - we're ok with that.
  • Some stupid ass goes and puts a shoe there - we go to town killing each other.

Is this what we've become - 60 years after independence....?

I don't blame the politicians.... they will take advantage wherever and whenever they can. I don't blame the poverty stricken youth who have no other outlet for their repressed anger.

I blame myself... I blame you - the "educated" youth who do nothing to stop this. I blame the intelligentsia of this 1 billlion strong man-machine for not getting it's footwear right.

We're a bunch of losers - no wonder - we get our asses kicked!!!

Yes - as some of my friends have pointed out - this is strong.. we need some strong medicine here anyways...

thats a nice thot buddy.. just one thing.. sorry.. gaali mat de.. but old habits die hard.. correct the spelling of "staues" in the first sentence... :D


That's a nice thought! However, whaddya wanna do? Get some heavy arty & blow all the politicians to kingdom-come??

Ranting that world is not a great place- Easy!

Taking the first step in making the world a great place- Mucho diffcult!!

Blame me or the world or your self-Easy!
Accept the blame and do some thing about it- Mucho difficult!!

lets hope some body does the difficult- make it easy for us


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