Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Being Myself

I am me.
Call me arrogant... call me me a cold block of stone.
I really don't care.

For the present - my world revolves around me.
Making you happy - makes me happy.
I see that smile and I start to smile. Somewhere it all comes down to that last point about being happy with oneself.

I am happy in my committed state. I was happy when I was single. I was also happy in the relationships that I had.

I did what needed to be done - what worked for me at that point in time. If in the process, people said I was being flexible or attentive or caring and loving - so be it.

I gave and I did not expect - something a wise man taught me when I was younger. So I don't carry scars.
I can meet any of my past girl friends with a straight face and clean mind. When I screwed up - I have said sorry too.

Someone told me once - you're empathetic.. yes I am - because it made me feel nice to be close to someone. Empathy and understanding helped me make a friend.

When I would get back home these last few years - I was alone. I'm ok with that. I have no problems in going and seeing a movie all by myself or doing some shopping for the house.

I like to have parties - they bring people together. Seeing them together - makes me happy. So I do it.

I can listen to everyone - but the actions will follow from my internal analysis. I will not follow for the sake of it with my eyes closed.

I have faith in the lord - but that too is an internal manifestation. I don't visit temples normally - but in Sep I went to Mata Vaishno Devi. I was comfortable intrnally. That comfort level cannot be imposed externally.

I do not take easily to having decisions imposed on me.
That's just being myself.

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