Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


Have you evr paid attention to the large volume of information flowing around us - in the form of radio waves???
It's there - right now...and all the time!!!

If We were to start counting the sources..
  1. FM radio
  2. AM Radio
  3. VHF
  4. UHF
  5. Cellphones
  6. Faxes
  7. Shortwave
  8. Television
  9. Satellite transmissions
  10. TV transmissions
  11. telemetry
  12. radar
  13. the government - the military - the police- the media...

Zillions of elements adding to the air pollution around us - stop blaming the poor factories all the time.

The poor "air "- just imagine how busy it has become of late...

All this wasn't around a 100 years ago - jus6t imagine how peaceful it was?


Good one... how about adding the "transportation utilities" too!!!

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