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Stop thinking - Just write

So I read a lot about what my fellow & feline bloggers write.

I like reading their ramblings.... some wild..some outrageous... but they somehow help take my mind off the daily chores that life throws my way. They write as it flows....

I do my bit of writing - I too, write as it flows - but try as I might - rambling doesn't come easy. That only happens when I try replying to Amandeep and Vandana at the same time. They'd look at me and play that serious "know it all" look and I know - it'd be time for Arjun to shut trap.

Today I was given a whole big lecture on caring and sharing. Yeah yeah my marriage is due for April... so mom and dad make it a point to drill some sense into me. I asked them if someone had said the same things to them. Apparently their generation had more maturity... so they say. I'm possssive about my books,my DVDs, my gadgets... hey who shares those... those are a part of my space...

My fiance has told me not to put her name in any of my writings and I shall oblige her on that point. But she's so much a part of my life that not writing about her - would leave any piece incomplete. She's so full of life - sometimes it scares me if I can match up. Then again - she makes a living with her arguments... I 'm never gonna win any of those - I know. But I shall persevere...

hasta la vista bab(ies)!!

This is my try at doing a daily ramble!!!

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