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Saturday rambling

I hate working on Saturdays.
I hate admitting the fact that I'll probabaly be doing it for at least the next decade.

Saturdays are not made to be worked on.

But i'd rather sit at my office desk than be pushed around doing household chores.
I'd like to spend my saturday under the palm trees, swinging in a hammock as the light breeze blows, drinking beer reading my book or playing computer games. I could even be amenable to doing shopping (just once a year - around my birthday) if I didn't have to pay the bill(s) and we kept the dress trials to the trial room while I checked out the latest in gadgetry.

Saturday evening is strictly party time - booze,dance & Just the One woman (Ha ha - you thought i'd write something incriminating here) Alternately - we could do a movie once a month ona asaturday evening with just the two of us - and the candle light dinner to follow.. but that's a maximum of once a month!!!

Everything we do in relationships has some kind of payoff for us. Even when we do "unselfish" things, it bolsters our image of ourselves as kind, caring human beings.
When we take into account what effect choices will have on others, we become better aware of what consequences our choices will have.

The last part - Ahem - Sop profound - Tagging to my blog... seem to think on a saturday...may be "hammock" ain't a brilliant idea !

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