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Is it fair?

Yes - There is a right to equality enshrined in our constitution.

Yes - injustice towards the fairer gender is still highly prevalent.

Yes - we need litigation in the civil arena - rather than restrict it to only the criminal arena - an act targeted towards Domestic Violence is essential!!

But this is a little over the top. I personally, have the deepest respect for women - but I am not in the mood to accept lying down - a law that is not balanced.

The Act covers women, be they wives, live-in partners, sisters, mothers, mothers-in-law or any other woman relation.
The new law protects them against:

Physical violence
For example: Beating, slapping, hitting, biting, kicking, punching, pushing, shoving or causing bodily pain or injury in any other manner.
Sexual violence, including against children
Forced sexual intercourse
Forces you to look at pornography or any other obscene pictures or material
Any act of sexual nature to abuse, humiliate or degrade you, or which is otherwise violative of your dignity or any other unwelcome conduct of sexual nature
Child sexual abuse
This part of the law was overdue. I agree it was required. Nobody wants to subject a woman - in any role, to Physical/Sexual violence

Verbal and emotional violence
Name calling

Accusations on your character and conduct etc

Insults for not having a male child
Insults for not bringing dowry etc
Preventing you or a child in your custody from attending school, college or any other educational institution
Preventing you from taking up a job, forcing you to leave your job
Preventing you or a child in your custody from leaving the house
Preventing you from meeting any person in the normal course of events
Forcing you to get married when you don't want to marry
Preventing you from marrying a person of your own choice
Forcing you to marry a particular person of his/their own choice
Threat to commit suicide
Any other verbal or emotional abuse
This is where the doubts start building towards the archaic fashion that the lawmakers have designed this new law. The honorable minister -Renuka Chowdhary, described it as a DIWALI GIFT. I have marked certain areas which give ambiguity a new name and leave avenues open to mischief.
Where's my protection if I have an argument with my partner?
So they both verbally abuse each other in the course of an argument - it's the man who goes to jail? This is a load of crap.
Who're the lawmakers to start telling us how to talk to another person?
If I call a man a cheater - no big deal. the moment I tell the same to a woman - it becomes a crime!! Who decides what is abuse?

Economic violence

Not providing you money for maintaining you or your children
Not providing food, clothes, medicines etc for you or your children
Stopping you from carrying on your employment or disturbing you in carrying on your employment
Not allowing you to take up an employment or taking away your income from your salary, wages etc A woman has a right to her husbands income - then why not vice versa? Today women earn equally if not more than many men. I do believe this law is essential , but needs to be tempered to meet the current conditions we live in.
Forcing you out of the house you live in
Stopping you from accessing or using any part of the house. So he has a room in the house that he's paid for where he needs a lil peace from her nagging. What then??
Not allowing use of clothes, articles or things of general household use
Not paying rent if staying in a rented accommodation. If the man and woman are both earning - then the law needs a modification.

I'm sure our law-makers have given it a lot of thought as they introduced this new law. But they have to a better job of educating the enforcers & prevent misuse. Trust me - this time, it won't be the men doing the misuse.

Whoa! ..You already seem harressed ..

and next time your girls strips you when you are not in a mood to do it - !! hmm... well..


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