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After the sunset...

Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta... hot stars.. great chemistry onscreeen....

A chronology of their on-screen love story ....

Her first film.. their first together.
They are engaged to be married... Manisha intervenes and love story goes bust

They fall in love again.
He has a congenital heart defect... dies before anything useful can of it

An epic love story spanning 22 years... he keeps silent.. she does too.
They are united at an age .. when sunsets are all that's left of it.

They are actually married in this one.
I presume they did the sunset walk prior to the marriage.
He finds Rani... marriage breaks... no so happy ever after.

They say true love mean - walking off into the sunset... hand in hand!!!
All their films would beg to differ!

Obviously these two need to do a film... where the happily ever after .. happens at the right time.

cool! gr8 analysis. they should be reading this.

kisi ke pass aaj kal koi...mind u koi kaam nahi hai :?)! but good observation dude.

I made this observation over a period of time... and then again - yesterday was a holiday!!!

ahem !!...Brilliant man..

Due to over exposure on a certain project, I have three questions in mind:

Question 1: Why would you inflict self-torture by watching such movies?!
Question 2: Why would you waste your precious time and energy on analyzing these stupid, brain numbing movies with a so-called "story"?!!
Question 3: Why am I leaving a comment on this funny post?!

All the same, nice to know that you managed to get some time out to watch a movie :-)

Ans1 : I like Priety.. always catch up on her films

Ans2 : It's a trend in movies that has veered from the conventional. Hence the attention.

Ans3 : Now that one bears a lot of thought.. and i ain't cribbing - cos' i like to see your messages...

Didn't know where to post this comment.
Nice picture updates on the blog!

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