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The adventures of Pappi Singh

Picture this:
11PM on a Saturday night.
The location is Ricks at the Taj Mansingh in New Delhi.
All the glitterati are there.

Enter : Pappi Singh in pink and white. Mrs. newly married Pappi Singh is also with him. She’s in white and pink.

She proceeds to sit in a corner and catch up on some yuppie conversation. He heads to the bar and loads up on Margaritas.
The music is loud, makes you wanna shake a leg and you look around. Nobody else seems to be dancing – they’re looking for someone to start.

Arrive PJ : “Pappi Jackson” (aka pappi Singh with double margarita)
He proceeds to show us all the moves. They form a big circle and he boogies in the middle.

Our gang has christened him EPS : energized Pappi Singh ….. Some of his friends (males) join in the circle and we now see him in a role, later known as GPS: Gay Pappi Singh.

Mrs. Pappi Singh has had enough….she enters the fray – her man is hers – not another man’s. We now see the HEP avatar, aka “Hyper excited Pappi”. They do the boogie very well.. she stands and he's all over...!! You gotta give him this much - he has energy!

One man – so many roles… truly a Shakespearean experience… seeing 7 ages of man played out in one stage setting !!


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