Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The question

Almost a month... nothing to write home about.
In some ways i've had an uneventful month (damaged knee included)

In more ways than i can express, things have changed.
I know myself now.
I now what i want.
I know what makes me whole.

All i have to do is ... get to Mumbai.. and ask her.......

God bless you on this often treaded path. What you wrote sounds like a cinema dialogue though!!!

Have fun sir and take care of the knee!!

hehehe ... often treaded path ... gud luck ... wats more ... practice makes perfect!!

what were you trying to do? get ready for the world cup? :-))

hmm...interesting consideration of coming to mumbai...but "considering the consideration" (with all the bomb scares and all)... i suggest u speak to her over the phone

take care :-)

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