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The weaves of time

"The wheel weaves as the wheel wills"
Those are not my words. They come from Robert Jordan in his epic series, "The wheel of time". The story of good versus evil - already spanning 11 novels and growing.
I hold those words very close to my heart. Our lives are but threads in the pattern that is woven with time. Sometimes we can choose the intertwining of that pattern. Other times we are drawn into it, to be woven as destined.
The Wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass leaving memories that become legend, then fade to myth, and are long forgot when that age comes again. The circle of clife goes on and we rarely remember that which we have been through.
If only we could. Then the learning would not go to waste.

I look at the threads of time - of the threads that have been interwoven with mine for a while and then gone their own way. I used to grieve when threads went astray.
Today I accept it, as a part of the pattern.
For a little while, the pattern weaves its way around us. We can make demands of it - at this point in time; then, when it has used us - things return to normal!!
We are pawns again.

I have this recurring dream. A dream where I fight evil, strike down oppressors and usher in peace. What happens after that peace is a mystery. It reflects in the way I approach my life. From one fire to another. I love crisis - not created by me and aim to bring order there. Then when the fire is over and done with - I feel the weights of monotony bearing down on me. I find peace difficult to bear. It's always a war inside of me. I need a challenge - always.

As I heard a wise man say - I feel the weight of a peaceful present bearing down on me!!!

"Suddenly, I'm not half teh man I used to be..
There's a shadow hanging over me...
Yesterday came suddenly....."

Profound one...Deepzz

so which time pleases u the most? the past or the present?


Is present better then the past?
:) wish you well!!!

"Weaves a pattern"..."Threads of time"..."to be woven as destined"... uff!
too many "intertwined adjectives" ;)

With all due respect to Robert Jordan, but I think he must have:
A)Wanted to be a fashion designer, or
B)Written this after watching Spiderman.


If you love crisis so much and are finding it difficult to bear with peace and monotony, why not come back to LB? :))

Think about it ;)

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