Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Burning the midnight oil

Tired...exhausted...befuddled.. that's my current state of mind.

I'm writing in after a long time - almost 12-13 days. It's been awhile.
The reason being the never- ending work deadlines that i've been trying to mee over the last fortnight. It's not been easy. And except for a few - i missed most.

There's only so much that is physically possible. I tried more than that. Gave it my best shot.
Got my team to give it more than their best shot. They say your sins catch up with you. So a case of "not up to the mark- project management" comes back to haunt me.

I hate being second best. I play to win. Then again - a general is only as goood as his army.
It's not about how many people are on my team. Sometime they're an army. Sometimes they are not. It depends on the task I guess.

You gotta figure out if you are gambling or playing. Know your odds before you play.

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