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Building the army

The demands of war ( the kind of work we're doing right now - justifies the term) on both the leader and the army are quite different. To engage in true military conflict I see the following points to be kept in mind.
  1. They have to know they are an army and I am the general
  2. Awareness that there is an enemy who is a danger to the entire ecosystem :-)
  3. Readiness to die for the cause. (This is not the literal intention)

But it's like I'd tell my boss - "You want loyalty? Get a dog."

So why should they be ready to die for the cause? And what if that cause is me?


Life really doesn run on parallels does it? I guess each situation is different. Parallels are for others to draw to figure out what you did, you cant start living the parallel. You will get that much.

Thankies 4 d gyaan ... though i didn't quite get wat u meant mallik .... clarifications please :)

Yes Mallik... pls explain....

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