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The weaves of time

"The wheel weaves as the wheel wills" Those are not my words. They come from Robert Jordan in his epic series, "The wheel of time". The story of good versus evil - already spanning 11 novels and growing. I hold those words very close to my heart. Our lives are but threads in the pattern that is woven with time. Sometimes we can choose the intertwining of that pattern. Other times we are drawn into it, to be woven as destined. The Wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass leaving memories that become legend, then fade to myth, and are long forgot when that age comes again. The circle of clife goes on and we rarely remember that which we have been through. If only we could. Then the learning would not go to waste.
I look at the threads of time - of the threads that have been interwoven with mine for a while and then gone their own way. I used to grieve when threads went astray.
Today I accept it, as a part of the pattern.
For a little while, the pattern weaves its way ar…

Building the army

The demands of war ( the kind of work we're doing right now - justifies the term) on both the leader and the army are quite different. To engage in true military conflict I see the following points to be kept in mind. They have to know they are an army and I am the generalAwareness that there is an enemy who is a danger to the entire ecosystem :-)Readiness to die for the cause. (This is not the literal intention)But it's like I'd tell my boss - "You want loyalty? Get a dog."So why should they be ready to die for the cause? And what if that cause is me?

Burning the midnight oil

Tired...exhausted...befuddled.. that's my current state of mind.

I'm writing in after a long time - almost 12-13 days. It's been awhile.
The reason being the never- ending work deadlines that i've been trying to mee over the last fortnight. It's not been easy. And except for a few - i missed most.

There's only so much that is physically possible. I tried more than that. Gave it my best shot.
Got my team to give it more than their best shot. They say your sins catch up with you. So a case of "not up to the mark- project management" comes back to haunt me.

I hate being second best. I play to win. Then again - a general is only as goood as his army.
It's not about how many people are on my team. Sometime they're an army. Sometimes they are not. It depends on the task I guess.