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Thrashing out issues

Arguments happen between even the happiest and best-suited couples. And so they should.
Nothing like a good row to clear the air and let off the steam.

But don't bust the pressure cooker - that's all I can say. Thgen i began to wonder how that was possible. It came down to a few points that would work for me...

1 Don't lose your temper. Yep- even during a row -it would be a good idea to take a time out rather than strike out.

2 Personal insults won't help. It doesn't mattre that he/she is a nicompoop. Don't tell em that. It takes the focus of the issue on hand.

3 Stay focused on the reason. Need I say more.

4 Force yourself to stay specific. Don't start the - you never do this or you always do that thing.

5 Don't say 'I hate you'. Remember - you love the person.

6 No Alcohol and arguing.

7 Don't interrupt. Listen & speak.

8 Don't end up arguing about arguing.

10 Say sorry when you need to. It won't hurt - actually!!!

Then it's time to make up , reconfirm your love for each other and cuddle.

Bravo my boy, bravo....

Finally! ... something cool!

Cool :)
I remember reading these same points in the 'You' section of the Mumbai Mirror. Check it out, I think it was the May 8th or May 9th issue.

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