Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Is it true?

This is something about girlfriends that comes to mind. Wonder what they'd think about it?

Would she ever manage to be friends with the woman who was my first partner?

Would she like to help me choose her surprise gift?

Did she ever wanna marry george michael ?

Would she ever tell me if I wasn't good enough?

Would she stalk me, given half the chance?

Is she offended if another person is wearing the same perfume as she?

Does she like being lifted off the ground ?
(i know this display of affection has been flogged to death theatrically -but I hope it works)

What would she do if ex-girlfriend relics are discovered in my house?

Am I allowed to be good friends with all her friends - gender no bar?

Does she believe in Valentines day?


Dude-I would've thought you know this already. Relics/photographs/perfume of your ex - all a bad bad bad idea!

Trust me, even the nice, non-jealous, cool ones.... if they're having a bad day then you can't escape. Mine even surfed my computer and pulled out old emails from the ex that I had saved.

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