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Despite the rising cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular!!

Sepia returns...
The heat gets stifling. She grabbed a hold of me and we moved off the dance floor. The balcony it was. Dark eyes, shining orbs that light up my day - gazed in my direction. The match happened and an embrace ensued.

"Get you b**tts in here people, he's kissing the bride". A slight embarassment - more depair as the embrace broke and we returned to the ehated room. It was true. he was kissing the bride. He had a right too. She was after all, his son's wife. A late marrage at the age exceeding two score. thre journey to true love had been long. It had been longer in recognizing the feelings for what they were. She was a patient lady holding on to the thread of love till it culminated. She was a tad younger than him - also a bit on the wider side - especially when it came to the smile.

This was one happy family. She held my hand and looked askance. I looked back at her and replied in the affirmative. We snuck out of the room and into another. She was warm as we held each other tight. There was the mystery of repitition, as a scene... done before , was enacted.

The faded and ruffled bedsheet is still there. It lies unhindered by the dust and the flies, regal and inviting to a task unfinished. It is ironic that the folds and ruffles created by the loving duo remains unruffled. Memories in black & white, shades of grey and starry nights.

The circle of life continues... one day we will seek out the place for the third time..!!

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