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Catching up with Mary M

I got to see it he first weekend that it was released in this country. The film is definitely a must-watch. No questions about that.. It is a faithful representation of the book. But as they say – “never judge a book by it’s film”. The truism holds true for this adaptation too.

The Da Vinci code was written first, as a book – to be read and re-read. The film- an accurate visual depiction fails where the book excels. The statement on history and it’s implications. The priory and their customs – we imagined them over and over. These become passing scenes in a film where mystery is laid bare.

The actors earn their pay ably. Tom hanks as the middle aged professor with a penchant for history. The very French Ms.Neveu and Silas. Silas’ passion is something that I got from the film. His intensity is definitely worth the watch.

Somehow – I came away from the film with a disappointment. The fact is that expectations reduce joy. Maybe – it’s difficult to recreate the enormity of the situation onscreen.

I’ll just read the book…again!!!

i saw fanaa .. liked it!
Didn't read Da Vinci but saw d movie n liked it too!

Arnica... you should've read the book.
Then the fun would be more !!

Hmm .. I'm gonna read it! Yipeeeee! Today I'm off to Crossword!!!!!


I believe that the movie is nowhere close to the book !!

and..... Tom Hanks is not the best choice for the role....I vote for Will Smith ....

why Will Smith?


How about Brad Pitt?

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