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Catching up with Mary M

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
I got to see it he first weekend that it was released in this country. The film is definitely a must-watch. No questions about that.. It is a faithful representation of the book. But as they say – “never judge a book by it’s film”. The truism holds true for this adaptation too.

The Da Vinci code was written first, as a book – to be read and re-read. The film- an accurate visual depiction fails where the book excels. The statement on history and it’s implications. The priory and their customs – we imagined them over and over. These become passing scenes in a film where mystery is laid bare.

The actors earn their pay ably. Tom hanks as the middle aged professor with a penchant for history. The very French Ms.Neveu and Silas. Silas’ passion is something that I got from the film. His intensity is definitely worth the watch.

Somehow – I came away from the film with a disappointment. The fact is that expectations reduce joy. Maybe – it’s difficult to recreate the enormity of the situation onscreen.

I’ll just read the book…again!!!
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Pensive mulling

Sunday, May 28, 2006
Putting the pieces together!!
Clarity in the fog

Lights in the distance
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
I went numb - as the luggage & me along with it - were thrown out on the road. Every word I said - no ill feeling did it contain - but it only got me a whacking - something unexpected!!!

She is a nice girl - but today - she was ony fgood at talking down to me. If at so late an hour my temper is frayed - I did keep it from her. But all I got in response was - goddamn!!!

I should hate her for it - but it seems like I've given her the right - so bear it I must.
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Continued from the last one...

Saturday, May 13, 2006
Despite the rising cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular!!

Sepia returns...
The heat gets stifling. She grabbed a hold of me and we moved off the dance floor. The balcony it was. Dark eyes, shining orbs that light up my day - gazed in my direction. The match happened and an embrace ensued.

"Get you b**tts in here people, he's kissing the bride". A slight embarassment - more depair as the embrace broke and we returned to the ehated room. It was true. he was kissing the bride. He had a right too. She was after all, his son's wife. A late marrage at the age exceeding two score. thre journey to true love had been long. It had been longer in recognizing the feelings for what they were. She was a patient lady holding on to the thread of love till it culminated. She was a tad younger than him - also a bit on the wider side - especially when it came to the smile.

This was one happy family. She held my hand and looked askance. I looked back at her and replied in the affirmative. We snuck out of the room and into another. She was warm as we held each other tight. There was the mystery of repitition, as a scene... done before , was enacted.

The faded and ruffled bedsheet is still there. It lies unhindered by the dust and the flies, regal and inviting to a task unfinished. It is ironic that the folds and ruffles created by the loving duo remains unruffled. Memories in black & white, shades of grey and starry nights.

The circle of life continues... one day we will seek out the place for the third time..!!
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Revisiting Memories

Saturday, May 13, 2006
We move on from my last post on the occurrence of Deja Vu. Humans have a tendency to seek out a place for the Second time ... as we understand "Discovery" again.
So many things - unchanged - right there, where they'd been left... untouched.
A stationary table, settling dust, footprints in the dust, as the sunlight creeps in from the broken ventilator. A half-empty bottle of rum lies on one side , two glasses , where we'd left them. Her lipstick still glistens on the glass rim as it lies onits side.
Some good memories return and the room lightens up. The sepia toned flashback starts and the laughter echoes. Hearts bat faster and the energy starts flowing afresh. We were here a few months ago - not so far back in the past as you would imagine. The room was full as the warm bodies moved in & out of it. Light Latino music played - its melody lost in the din that was us.
The music stops awhile as an announcement is made and the champagne flows. We stand in one corner - watching the human element of this celebration. She's not much of a wine person - not much of an alcohol person actually. But like I just told her - today, one cocktail can't hurt.
A light Bacardi cocktail it is. Bahama mam they call it. An interesting concoction of rum laced with pineapple juice and coconut liqueur. Added a lil coffee to keep the eyes open. This is going to be a long night . We know that - unsaid words, just a gut feel.
The dance starts up and we get caught in the rhythm of it. Her hand whips past and brushes against her glass. It rolls over to the side as I rush in to save the day and prevent breaking glass. The spilt rum stains the cloth covering the table... it spreads out!!
The sunlight illuminates the dust particles as they rejoice at the opened door. Freedom at last - i hear them say. They float past the balcony , stop for a moment at the handrails - peer over the top and continue their journey. My mind and myself - we accompany them to the exit.
Sepia returns.
"Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately it kills all its students"
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Deja Vu

Monday, May 08, 2006

As an adult, I have often known that peculiar legacy time brings to the traveler: the longing to seek out a place a security time, to find deliberately what we stumbled on once before, to recapture the feeling of discovery.

Sometimes we search out again even a place that was not remarkable in itself- we look for it simply because we remember it.

This place need not be a geographical location on the earth's surface.

It could well be within our heart.

Whst happens when we find it?

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Thrashing out issues

Monday, May 08, 2006
Arguments happen between even the happiest and best-suited couples. And so they should.
Nothing like a good row to clear the air and let off the steam.

But don't bust the pressure cooker - that's all I can say. Thgen i began to wonder how that was possible. It came down to a few points that would work for me...

1 Don't lose your temper. Yep- even during a row -it would be a good idea to take a time out rather than strike out.

2 Personal insults won't help. It doesn't mattre that he/she is a nicompoop. Don't tell em that. It takes the focus of the issue on hand.

3 Stay focused on the reason. Need I say more.

4 Force yourself to stay specific. Don't start the - you never do this or you always do that thing.

5 Don't say 'I hate you'. Remember - you love the person.

6 No Alcohol and arguing.

7 Don't interrupt. Listen & speak.

8 Don't end up arguing about arguing.

10 Say sorry when you need to. It won't hurt - actually!!!

Then it's time to make up , reconfirm your love for each other and cuddle.
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Is it true?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is something about girlfriends that comes to mind. Wonder what they'd think about it?

Would she ever manage to be friends with the woman who was my first partner?

Would she like to help me choose her surprise gift?

Did she ever wanna marry george michael ?

Would she ever tell me if I wasn't good enough?

Would she stalk me, given half the chance?

Is she offended if another person is wearing the same perfume as she?

Does she like being lifted off the ground ?
(i know this display of affection has been flogged to death theatrically -but I hope it works)

What would she do if ex-girlfriend relics are discovered in my house?

Am I allowed to be good friends with all her friends - gender no bar?

Does she believe in Valentines day?

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