Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Jokes apart

I promised myself that I would be strong.
Behind that tough persona - lies a vulnerable heart. It hurts.

So I have decided to keep my feelings within. That which is not to be expressed - will no longer be expressed. Tina says I shouldn't be so expressive. It only gives away the feelings within. Warm feelings and cold atmosphere makes for a corrosive mixture. And you thought Sulphuric Acid was bad!!!

A mouthful of sky - that's all my heart ever wanted. I really haven't asked much more than that. A prayer for the living - a prayer for me - all I want is a prayer.
Sometime prayers remain unanswered… until the time they're supposed to be heard.
One day - the prayer will be mine - when the temple bells ring and the vermillion powder fill the narrow confines of mindspace.

Till then… the thoughts shall remain confined.


Hey Arjun! Nice 2 hear frm u again!

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