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Civilization - the word

At the very basic level - the word civilization has a definition. Loosely used, it'd talk about an area, group or period. These parameters would be distinguished, in the mind of the person using the term, by striking continuities in ways of life, thought & feeling. There was a term that I ran into a while back - collective self-differentiation. This is as much a verb as it is a noun.
Those groups of people having progressed from the Verb usage to the noun application are termed as civilized. Somehow - this word, defies a clear definition.
Come to think of it - it is easier to define “a civilization” as compared to “civilization”.“Has it ever struck you - that civilization's damned dangerous?”

Tell me why

Lead me on…don't tell me where - just hold my hand.
Take me someplace - where you smile; that's my destination.
I close mine eyes to see you smile.
Pull the blanket closer - to feel your embraceBut you're not there.
Just a memory & a hope.Destiny is like a river - it chooses for itself.
We, our affairs - merely rocks that choose to change the flow.
So it is not to be - the way ahead, as we'd ordained.I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do - about you now.
It's official now, that the fires are out - burnt embers remain. I attempt to gather the pieces of this heart. Too many to start counting or putting back.
One jigsaw puzzle - that I will document and leave for posterity. Maybe someday - you'll tell me why!!!

A month - I remember

Staring at the open door…
Wishing someone would come in - or the very least close it for me.The outside is bright and shiny. It is dark in here.
It is akin to a tunnel and its accompanying ray of light that beckons forward. The pain has aged by 1 month yesterday. A month to the date that she cut me loose to go her way. It has been a month of aimless wandering on my part- sometimes here, sometimes there.
I tried everything to take my mind of her. But nothing seems to work. Our communication lines are still open. It's only the nature of communication that has changed. As Diana Ross said, "You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you the golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself."
I try- sometimes too hard - sometimes not at all. But my feelings don't seem to be taking me anywhere.
Her latest SMS - "I want you to stop this. Keep dreaming, keep thinking or not thinking whatever, but please don't message me these t…

Pride of India

This is something I saw on my vacation last week, in Mussoorie.
I always believed it - now it's a fact!!!

The text in Hindi(vernacular name) - says ARJUN!! What say folks???

Jokes apart

I promised myself that I would be strong.
Behind that tough persona - lies a vulnerable heart. It hurts.So I have decided to keep my feelings within. That which is not to be expressed - will no longer be expressed. Tina says I shouldn't be so expressive. It only gives away the feelings within. Warm feelings and cold atmosphere makes for a corrosive mixture. And you thought Sulphuric Acid was bad!!!A mouthful of sky - that's all my heart ever wanted. I really haven't asked much more than that. A prayer for the living - a prayer for me - all I want is a prayer.
Sometime prayers remain unanswered… until the time they're supposed to be heard.
One day - the prayer will be mine - when the temple bells ring and the vermillion powder fill the narrow confines of mindspace. Till then… the thoughts shall remain confined.