Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Something to write about

Always looking for something to write about.
That's us - the blogger community!!

Today I have loads that to write. But I will control this impulsive heart.
It will be a good practice, moving forward.

This has been a period of surging emotions, some dead ends, some dark tunnels. But most importantly - I see the ray of light. As darkness turns to day - so also this life - I am happy!!!

No more the musings of a tortured mind desperate to escape the anguish of life. Life is here.
Right here, right now!!

"What's in a name?", so spoketh Billy boy (william shakespeare to the uneducated). A name like a prayer, a prayer for the living, so they may live - happily !!!
Jeez - I'm a total give away.

I'm quite sure - i'll have loads to write about, soon.

We are eagerly awaiting..But tell me with an eventful weekend, this is all you came up with??

Yes! the blogger is back. But what kind of preview is this? We want stories! We want stories!

All in good time - my friends!!!

Hey Arjun, I really hope your happiness prevails for a long long time....or shall I say, "Ever After?" :-)

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