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It's like the title says...

Complex Women

These things happen - when time is at hand - there is loads of work to do - but better sense prevails.

Trust me - the response from both sides of the fence has been quite interesting.

Yeh sab asatya gyan mat failao prani...!!
Men are more complicated than women.
(now this is age talking)

women are complicated...just teh way men can be a wee bit dense and insensitive at times...:-)
(this is experience)

As the saying goes "Behind every successful man there is a woman." the male in the cartoon would have never known that he could come up with something as brilliant as this had the female responded to his questions in the initial attempts :)
(Deep thought being applied here)

(umm... left us speechless on that)

Well ...............I think men should be sensitive to the fact that women are sensitive................................:)
(very very sensitive...)

The female walrus/seal has a point in being offended I say!

RAJIV - in response to ANKU
As the saying goes "Behind every successful man there is a woman."
I would just like to respond to this by saying that “BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN THERE ARE LOTS OF WOMEN”

ANKU - vehement reply!!!
That only the man knows how many women are behind his success, but, I am sure and you will agree with me on this that the man would tell each
woman that she is the only reason for his success.
I would also like to draw your attention to another point that u do agree it is women after all who are responsible for the success of the man.
It is not about playing the blame game and getting in the gender to say that women are complicated or the men are complicated if you look at it we
as human beings are complex beings. No matter how hard we try at both our ends we always fall short of understanding each other....
If we stop blaming and really get down to being ourselves without being afraid to express I don't think this issue would remain as complicated as we make it to be.....

VANI - appreciating ANKU
Well said Anku!!

ASHA -with her 5 cents
wow...chutti ke baad toh Anku kaafi achche n gyan se bhare pravachan de rahi hai...good yaar...keep it up nJ...
n I agree wid u...

ARJUN - somewhere in the middle
So... nothing.... i bend forward and ask for forgiveness :-)

SARBANI - closing line!!!
That’s the point!
Tell You. Then explain. And then think why we took that route…
Give up.


If women were simple:
Ram: I'm sorry I upset you
Sita: That's ok
Ram: :-) Cool! Me off for a beer
Sita: :-(

Why women are complex:
Ram: I'm sorry.
Sita: For what?
Ram: For checking out that woman.
Sita: (ha! So you were checking her out...) I'm not upset. I didn't even notice...
Ram: (believing her) Then why are you upset?
Sita: I'm not upset.
Ram: (Gullible fool) So why are you like that?
Sita: Like what?
Ram: Not talking kinds, you're usually talking!
Sita: Has it occured to you that I might be deeply hurt? I don't really matter to you anymore. You just take me for granted after all these years...
Ram: (Silent) Let's go out for dinner.
Sita: Dinner, drive, present and a week of attention.

And men wonder why women are that way. And would still wonder after reading this where the girl fish got her pearls from :P

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