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The Valentino Fever

Yes –it’s that day again – 9 months to go for children’s day – the results will be there for all to see!!
Just kidding. (Jeez – no pun intended there!!)

So what plans for the day – that’s the question I’ve been answering for awhile? Me – I’m a simple guy – no hang-ups. So I’ll just go for lunch and come back to work. The question is with whom? Who would endure me for 90 minutes of lunchtime? I don’t stop talking (if I get started) and then boom – kapok – world goes topsy-turvy!!

So why 14th February?
The question has been around for sometime now.

Is it like – we’re welcoming spring and all the good boys, good girls and not so good people (AKA Shiv Sena & Bajrang Dal) get together for a day out in town. Paint it red – so to say.

Or maybe they had an excess production of Roses – so the marketing managers – used this as a ruse – to offload the excess production at excessive rates. This is kind of possible!!

Let’s not forget that there was a gentleman by the name of Valentine – a saint says some – who brought lovers together. He ran the 1300s version of a marriage bureau. He did this Free of cost – the only condition being a big birthday bash on his day – which was 14th Feb (what did ya expect?). He passed away – time went by and then this smart marketing manager caught on to the idea and voila!!!

So What does one do on V Day (Mistakenly known as Victory Day - turn the V around and you know what you're lookin at)

I did send messages to my friends and loved ones (why is it 'ones' when one is singular) and got their replies.. yes it made me feel good.
There is still some love around... !!!


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