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A touch of sensibility

Every once in a while - yes - every once in a while - there are events that put you at the crossroads. I don't know if I'm at a cross-road; sure feels like that, though. OK - I accept - I am emotional, impulsive and follow the celluloid screen with a passion. But, let's not forget - that there's more where that came from.

There was a film called Baghban - it redefined my views on the parent-child relationship. I knew why I was wrong and the things I'd have to do to set them right. I'm not all the way home as yet - but I've made a start. I'm back in Delhi with the folks. Years of staying apart have changed me - it's not easy being all nice again!

Then there was Astitva - a film on the right to independence - man or woman. Space and acceptance are two very important things in a relationship. Why are things different for a man and a woman? The young ladies that I meet - fail to understand that I can think in a manner contradictory to conventionally established belief. Love is a feeling - all encompassing that needs expression. Sometimes, illicit as it sounds, that outlet is physical. My wife (if I ever marry) may not subscribe to that view. Yet - that day I will tell her- it's about maturity. Love is not necessarily physical. A physical manifestation with a person, when married to another - is a sign of immaturity or the lack of relief. The former I can understand & counsel. The latter is self explanatory. Every man admires the free bird and desires acquisition - only to cage it in the end! Oh! If they only knew the bird's beauty lay in its freedom. Women cannot accept (so easily) a man who just lets them be themselves. They feel it's a sham - designed to hasten the mating process.

Follow that up with Hazaaron Khwaahishen Aisi - the story of a generation gone by - my dad's generation. They are not classified under any particular marketing terminology as Gen X or Gen y - but they're there. They've seen the darkness of having democracy vanish, and return. I wonder if we will ever understand the value of what we have today. There was Independence in 1947. Then there was the Emergency of the 70s. A system designed to counter free thought and action. I'm not against the concept of shutting the door to the house to give the kids a spanking and set things right. But, at least hear them out. Their concerns could be valid. In this case they were more than valid. It's not about living with the system - as it exists. We have to learn to value what we have today. It did not come without a price.

Along came Rang de Basanti. A breath of fresh air. It puts on the screen - latent dreams, awakening, remembrance, a path, the light at the end of the tunnel. A new road, a new journey on display. Do I dare undertake? We all have fire within. We're only waiting for the sunrise to stoke the embers. Make your dream happen - strike a match within and light that fire. A nation of 1 Billion and we live our lives as though all is perfect. No nation is perfect - but the change has to start from the individual. Stop paying that policeman a bribe every time you get caught for breaking the traffic signal. Accept your wrongs and work to set them right. We never feel the pain of a corrupt nation - unless we suffer. Life is not all that hunky-dory. It's a spectrum and the level of grief is proportional to your place in it.
It's not about the life that was spent doing humdrum activities. The meaning of life is to give it meaning and focus. It's about a vision and making it come true. All that talk of literacy and big bucks is a whole lot of hog-wash. Today - I'm a manager in an MNC and dream of making it big there. It's my vision, my selfish dream. Owning a Mercedes - even though I don't drive - would be a symbol of - DREAM REALIZATION. It's funny that it takes a movie to make me see otherwise.
Responsibilities to my family, to me, to the people I interact with; they're all there - but there's something bigger than that - just waiting for me. I can feel it - have always done so. But it's dormant!!! I've gone with the flow for a long time.

It's time this river flowed in a direction that is useful.


mysticarni said…
All tat u have written is so true & so important! I hope this feeling sweeps d hearts of many like fire! Bcoz its just so necessary in the broader sense! It is just so necessary 2 contibute 2 d lives of d people who took responsibility in making what we are 2day (that is our folks), the people who came & went by in our lives (society in general, who have directly or indirectly shaped our character in different ways!) Yes! d time is just so (well we all can definitely say this!) ripe!!
Jo said…
Life teaches us many lessons. Some accept them as good experiences and learnings, while others pass them off as misfortunes. It's all about perception.

Hmm, good movies like Virudh and Rang de basanti are indeed soul stirring.

Good, you have managed to find the right path.
Now, here are 3 questions for you:
1. How far will you be able to walk?
2. How long?
3. How many people would you like to take on that road?
mysticarni said…
Wel if i were asked these 3 questions! I'd say:
1) Let us atleast start the walk .. the distance will follow
2) The time will follow
3) And the people who are willing shall follow too!

In his own small way, I think Mallik has already started his side of the walking process!

And Arjun's already gearing too!

Wel this is just a guess, from Mallik' involvement in some social activities! & from Arjun's write-ups! And something is always better than nothing! So this is great news!

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