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It's like the title says...

Pain @ Rs.30

I hate paying 30 bucks to travel from Okhla to Kalkaji. It's like 7-8 minutes of travel time and the buggers fleece you like it's nobody's business.

Then there is the pain of being - at the Head Office - as people - heads in the air - look upon us lower mortals.

The vegetarian lunch also costs 30 bucks @ work. It's a costly option for an upset stomach. More pain.

I need to go to mcdonalds and get a happy meal - that's the only thing that may cost sub-30.

wondering in clueless existance

start saying i am loving it...

That's a nifty idea - "I'm Loving it"

Kanjoos-giri ke bhi haad hoti hai!
Ek kaam kar...
Buy a box of Hajmola tablets. 20Rs for 100 tablets...
say good bye to the upset stomach :))

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