Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Frittering thoughts

To no one in particular... I don't have any problem - right now.
So why am I thinking about it?
Must be that risk mitigation that I keep practicing at work... rubs off on the way I live my life too.Maybe someone can do something about it. (actually nobody can - I just put that here to get you started thinking) Maybe u can guide me. I mean - it's worth a try.

Just a few thoughts that crossed my station.
A lot of ups and downs. Right now I'm on an up - shouldn't really be worrying about the downs. But thatwhat you gotta do to look at things before they come to you. Paranoia is the word that comes to mind here. Just have to come to grips with the fact that things always balance out at the end. That's life.

Memories remain for as long as we want them to. They help us go on as we move through the morass of life's activities. Remind us of what was, what could have been and then why the proposed solution didn't come through. Jeez - there I go - sinking into my Job again - always solutioning!!
Sometimes we go to the solution - sometimes it comes to us. I wonder which approach to benchmark. Umm.. this should keep me thinking awhile...

Its called mental mastr@#$%^
Its a state of mind that happens to all of us. May be the gyani can penn a theory on the patters and pitfalls of mental mastr@#$%...Keep a watch...

I have got you tagged on one of my posts..check it out...

I read a quote a few days back - one who worries b4 it is necessary, worries more than is necessary - so enjoy d gud time while it lasts - bad times r inevitable - if v liv d bad times 2 d fullest - y not liv d gud times 2 d fullest too? - hehehehe - atleast tat's my policy :D

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