Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

6 things...


6 things that I don't do any more
Live with the folks - though they're just a few blocks down.
Drop anonymous valentine cards in the Mail boxes of beautiful women
Go on a drinking binge - very characteristic of the Engineering college
Aggressive behavior - that's just the age
Put gel on my head - the receding hairline
Crave for company - I'm not so bad by myself

6 things that I like (MOST) about women
The smile
The maternal assertiveness
Intelligence - although this should not be generalized
Inner strength
They are life givers.. a fact that none can deny
They understand me!!!

6 things that (I'm sure) she hates about me
Switching off and withdrawing into my cocoon
Sometimes I talk too much
The twin vices - Smoke over troubled water
I don't express it - every time (although it's right there)
Not getting her viewpoint sometimes
I can shed tears when in an emotionally charged state - in reel & real life!

6 to dos in the next hour
Say, “I love you to at least 6 people” (Family included)
Cook dinner
Eat it - obviously!!!
Publish this blog
Listen to good music as I cook
Wish she had told me things that she didn't like about me - rather than me take guesses at it

6 People (other than kin) close 2 me (This is the tough one - I hate to choose)

The Men
Vishal Rao
Shabbar Tambhawalla
Shyamal Gupta
John Wesley
Mallikarjun Bhat
Gautam Talwar

The Women - they never judged me!!
Manu Sareen
Ranjini Das Gupta
Sarbani Bose
Mohua Bhowal
Madhuri Bogawat

6 dreams - One just ain't enough!!
Seeing her SMILE - every morning as I awake
Raising a family of 4 kids and having enough for each
Being able to remain true to all that I believe in
Retirement at 40
Running a mile in 6 minutes at the age of 65
Being around on my parents' platinum jubilee.

6 bloggers I wanna tag.
John Wesley - for the things I get to learn there & the lucid style
The gentleman who has his blog at
Mallikarjun Bhat - for being a normal person - expressing his feelings as they come
The Denzil devil - for his youthful writing style
Crazy Sonya
Niyati - for being the Diva
Jolein - I know she writes - but doesn't tell where!!!


Of all the blogs that u've posted so far, this one is truly intriguing.

Btw, I liked the section where you talk about the 6 things that you don't do any more :-)


I am very happy about 2 (out the 6) things that you dont do anymore...keep guessing

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