Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

I am because I choose to be

Yes -I create my feelings and am responsible for them.

I try to control them in a positive and purposeful way (not always - though), as i attempt to better life.

Friends (and a few wise men) say that it ain't right to blame another person for your feelings. It gives that individual control over an important part of your life. If you avoid taking responsibility for your feelings, those feelings can quickly overwhelm you and leave you powerless. This is similar to the Negative feelings I had for an ex-Lady boss of mine. She's far away now - but any thought of her - brings to the fore - a multitude of expletives. So in a way i'm a slave to something - and that ain't doing me a world of good!!

It's common knowledge that the way I feel affects every corner of my life. So it's time to take charge and not let go.

When it comes to making a choice - I know that every feeling is One I have chosen.
I may not be a soothsayer - so I dunno what else is gonna happen - but I do know that I choose to react and I choose to feel.
Feelings are powerful and can bring much richness to life (or so they say), and the power they have is the power we choose to give them.
Choose feelings wisely, and life will be rich indeed

Sanity prevails. Arjun is the monk who sold his aggression.

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