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Expanding my perspective

When you focus only on yourself, you severely limit your options.
( I must stop thinking of ME as a focal point of attention.)
When your thoughts are centered only on you, those thoughts cut you off from a whole world of possibilities.
(Yes - I agree - thinking about others increases the possibilities of me doing more useful stuff around the place)

It's all too easy to become frustrated, disillusioned, angry and bitter when your own perspective is the only one you consider. Your own narrow concerns can seem painfully overwhelming if you give all your attention and energy to them.
(It's definitely important for me to look at things in perspective -others'. It's like putting yourself in their shoes and then checking on whether you'd do the same things again. The fact that there are possibilties will enable my thinking to be more creative)

Pay attention to the concerns of others, and you'll gain valuable insights that otherwise would not be available to you. Think, act and live beyond yourself, and all sorts of new, positive possibilities arise.
It never hurts to smile and lighten the load of those around me. So I do.

When the concerns of your own ego fall away, an enormous amount of energy is set free. When you are no longer restricted to your own narrow perspective, a whole new set of magnificent opportunities will open up to you.
Ego is my constraint - sometimes. Just putting it aside - frees up a whole heap of mindspace

Seek to make a difference not merely for yourself but for all of life. And many of the limitations that once hounded you will suddenly be gone.
Very very true. Sometimes I do feel that One small thing done for the benefit of others - outweighs the achievements one looks at for oneself. Actually that would be a bigger achievement for me!!

Just a small step on the road to enlightenment!!!

(This is with the help of Ranit & Ralph- whose daily spiritual inputs don't go unutilized)

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