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Does Mumtaz exist today?

It's quite a valid question. I sit & ponder.
What was it that got SJ (Shah Jahan) to do his thing - I mean - build the Taj Mahal (TM).

A woman who gave him 14 kids in 18 years - only 7 survived. They must have gone at it like bunny rabbits - anytime - any place !!!
So in a matter of speaking - it is quite an impressive tribute to their monumental achievements...

Did you know that SJ wanted to make a replica of the TM in black marble across the river in what they call the Mehtab Bagh today. It came across as queer why anyone would want to make something in black. Then the Yin - Yang symbolism struck me - how black & white balance one another. There is a balance to be maintained - especially between the male and female of a species. It could also be something to do with the power of black - the symbol of death. As black symbolizes death it is also a natural symbol of the underworld and so also of resurrection. Unexpectedly perhaps, it could also be symbolic of fertility and even life! This would contrast it with the White which suggests omnipotence, purity, simplicity and sacred things.

I continue to wander about the 4 minarets - people give varying theories - mine is quite simple. They had 4 sons - the cornerstones of their achievements.
So the 4 minarets -
one of whom I almost ate up

So where does that leave Mumtaz today- quite dead actually !

The Taj - Her requiem!

so whats the facination... the number of kids or the search for your "Mumtaz"// ?eh ?

the search for my MUmtaz always takes precedence on the number of kids...

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