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56 years of the Indian Republic...!

I'm only half that much.

But it seems like an eternity - for those who've seen this country evolve.
Do we understand the meaning of being a republic? It's something we learned in a civics lesson in a school a very long time ago.
This generation and the one before it too - we've all gone soft!
Look up the word REPUBLIC in most any dictionary.
Most likely, you"ll find that a "republic" is a "government of elected representatives".
This is a deliberate deception.
I have an Enclycopaedia Britannica, 11th edition. This work provides the proper explanation. First it says that the idea that a republic is a government of elected representatives is a "notoriously modern interpretation". The article continues, explaining that historically, a Republic refered to a government in which the soverign held authority granted by the people and ruled according to law.

The early Nehru dynasty followed that rule as we remained firmly under their hand even though democratic elections happened in this country. They screwed this country, for the generations that were and are.
Somewhere - deep - in an inexpressible form - I am happy - that someone scared them so much - that now - they refuse to take on the realms.
We Indians - like, the russians are very "ruler" friendly. We like to be ruled. Democracy with all its merits is not the one we prefer. We prefer someone taking the decisions - just as long as its not us. That's why they also say that the last few generations lacked the killler instinct.
I have a desire to see this nation lead. More than that - my wish - if I may be so desirous - is that my countrymen awake - that they understand what Bose fought for - that they realize the value of this independence.
Every living day I wish my eyes were not hampered with a deficiency that did not permit me to join the armed services. I am not a peacenik - my calling has always been the profession that bears arms. Just so - it is something I leave for later - one day I will bear arms to serve India.
Jai Hind.

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