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What's your Humor?

Doing a bit of heavy reading on sybols and their interpretations over the weekend.
Bumped into the Hexagram - no - this is not witchcraft !!!

A hexagram is a 6 pointed Star, composed of two overlapping triangles. One pointing down and the other at the sky. This is a symbol you'd see in lots of places - across cultures. It is traditionally interpreted as the combination of the "watery" (cool) female and the "fiery" (hot) , male. These two signs coexist in the universe following the universally accepted principles of duality (good-bad , yin - yang : those are a separate story though). You'll be able to view this symbol on the flag of Israel - so it's also known as the Star of David.

Further reading revealed how this sign comprising the 4 vital elements came to be known as the sign of totality. Indian mythology too, carries what we'd know as the Yantra - a series of Triangle pairs inverted to one another

Coming back to the symbolism in our lives. We go about our lives in a mundane manner. These symbols are always in front of us. Yet - how many of us have actually looked up at them and critiqued. We are neither believers - nor doubters. We are simply Zombies.

Our lives - as those of our ancestors are guided by the 4 elements. We are unbalanced - lacking one or more, with an excess of the others. With a theory based on that of the four elements, health was thought to depend on a balance of four fluids, or humors, in the human body:
fire corresponded to blood;
air to yellow bile;
water to phlegm; and
earth to black bile.

We still say that people can be in a "good humor" or a "bad humor".
So what's your Humor today?

A few associations that come to mind.
fire - red - sanguine, sturdy, optimistic
air - yellow - choleric, jaundiced, , anger, ill natured
water - green - cool, impassive
earth - black - melancholic, sad, depressed

I look for meaning in the smaller things that happen around me. Sometimes a simple smile sets things right and sometimes the achievement of a goal leaves me incomplete. A warm handshake builds trust while years of working together may not inspire the same. One moment is sometimes enough to know the person in front of you , while sometimes an entire lifetime may not suffice.
I wonder what we'd have to do to balance out our lives - live it in equality with the world around us. What humor works for us?
Answers anyone??

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