Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

What is wrong with me?

There's definitely something wrong.

I don't know what - can't put my finger to what. The only thing I know is the WHO -it's me.
No amount of looking elsewhere will help at this point.
  1. I am accomodating. Extremely so. Then I end up getting hurt.
  2. I listen to the voices around me and take cues from them. Why?
  3. I talk a lot. Sometimes too many people know a lot about me. My extrovert nature lets me down. Then I make a fool of myself.
  4. I'm emotional more than I'm practical. The poor heart takes quite a pounding there.
  5. I go into a self-accusation mode when things don't turn out as envisioned. Then the depression starts building on me.
  6. My Intution is very very strong - but only for the things that don't work out. I knew it yesterday.
  7. My face is not for playing Poker. It gives away my emotions. Happiness & sadness - both!!
  8. I look to the lord when things go wrong - not for help or solace - just to tell him that I'm still around. You can throw whatever you want my way - I'll take it and come back for more. I won't stop as long as the lungs can handle it.
  9. I've made my life into a roller coaster- enjoy the crests and mope in the troughs.
  10. Everybody has trials & tribulations. I have solutions for everybody else. Just not for me.
So here's the deal - I'm a lonesome cowboy and that's the way I'll always be.

Some people are explorers looking for the Holy Grail. NOBODY HAS EVER FOUND IT TILL TODAY.
Then again some of us aren't meant to be tied down.... :-)

Looks like you are sufferring from what I call "Nice-Guy Syndrome".

My insight on your condition

1. Accomodating people always end up getting hurt. You should learn to be a bitch, learn to say "Fuck it, I wanna do this for myself..."

2. Don't. The only voice that matters is the one inside your head. Learn to ignore.

3. Again, keep your mouth SHUT sometimes. Only pass out the information NECESSARY. No one is interested in knowing that you can eat 20 parathas or do 400 Lb bench press...

4. Men are from Mars. Being emotional is a secondary "emotion". Think practically.

5. Rather than looking at what caused the problem, learn to look at how you can avoid THAT problem next time. Always look FORWARD. You can't change the past, but you sure can shape your future.

6. Well, men generally invision things the way they want it done, but 99% of time, they dont work out. Not your fault really...

7. If you give out your emotions infront of guys, they think you are a girl. If you give out your emotions in front of girls, they think you are weak. Choose...

8. They only god that exist is within you. YOU can make things go good around you. The only thing is finding the way...

9. Thats life all right.

10. Well, now maybe you HAVE a solution ???


Nice guys finish LAST !
Time to be a BITCH.

I was a nice guy not too long ago. I too am trying to break the mold.

Cheers !!! my assumption that you are a softie has not been proved wrong. This definitely is a revelation and an eye opener in itself that even guys can be such deep thinkers.
I understand buddy what you are saying here coz I think I share this fate with you of being the ever ready sponge pillow and guide when it comes to others and being at a loss when life takes our own task. Nevertheless, its nice to know that atleast we can assuage the pain of ppl around :-)....false notions i guess..but them its gud to live in happy illusions.

But as an after thought...its not that gud after all...we need to live buddy and be happy on top of lets just start living for ourselves.

Surgery hurts, but for own good, the clock ticks away on its own. You need to slow down and take each blow one at a time. There is more hurt in the world than your own. Dont blow it out of proportions. Take it easy.

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