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Santas Gifts

Well-Christmas comes around every year!
Same Date too. I have a demand or two for the Old man at the north pole, each year. Never seem to get Santas gifts the way I want'em. Still I try - even reverse psychology when I think it'll work.
Getting aggressive is one part to it. Putting the other guy on the defensive is another. I mean - it'll work in the short term - never seen it succeeding in the bigger scheme of things.

Too much knowledge can be dangerous - or as would be a better form of expression - that which is not explained could be hazardous...

How far will a man go to get what he wants. What principles will he adopt (or forego) to get that pot at the end of the rainbow?

Yes - there is no gain without the ensuing pain. Sacrifice is important.
But one sacrifice alone may not be enough - you have to persevere.
That is the key.


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