Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Prick it up...

No - this is not what you're thinking!!

Shakespeare has, "Tis now the prick of noon", in allusion to the mark on the Sun dial - made by pricking or indenting with a sharp instrument - that indicated 12 o' clock.

Did you know - the annual choosing of the Sheriffs in ancient England used to be done by the king - who pricked the names on a list at haphazard.

Ever felt like calling anyone a Pricklouse - an old contemptuous name for a tailor!!

Ever sang a Prick-song : That's written music for singing, as distinguished from music learnt by ear.

You've defintely had a Prick of the conscience , as you feel remorse and guilt for the past misdeeds. My conscience is always pricking me :-)

Somehow the one that I know best is when it's time to Prick up my ears and pay particular attention to follow what's going on. This is similar to a horse whose ears start twitching when it's attention is attracted.

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